Castellio Against Calvin

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No new editions of Sebastian Castellio's writings have recently been issued, except for a reprint of the French version of Concerning Heretics (Martinus Bellius's De haereticis, "Magdeburg," 1554). This French version was published at Rouen in the same year as the Latin original; and was reprinted at Geneva in 1913, edited by A. Olivet with a preface by Professor Choisy.-See also Concerning Heretics, an English version, with excerpts from other works of Sebastian Castellio and David Joris on Religious Liberty, by Roland H. Bainton, 1935, being volume XXII of the Records of Civilization published in the U. S. A. by the Columbia University Press. An edition of the hitherto unpublished De arte dubitandi (I562) is being prepared by Dr. Elisabeth Feist from the Rotterdam manuscript for the Accademia di Roma. The quotations in the present work are partly taken from the original editions of Castellio's writings, and partly from the only two notable books hitherto devoted to Castellio: (I) Sebastien Castellion, sa vie et son oeuvre (1515-1563), by Ferdinand Buisson, 2 vols., Hachette, Paris, 1892, (this work contains a full bibliography to date of publication); (2) Sebastien Castellion et la Reforme Calviniste, by Etienne Giran, Paris, 1914. In view of the dispersal of the fragmentary material, I am greatly indebted to the assistance of MIle. Liliane Rosset of Vesenay, and M. Jean Schorer, Pastor in Geneva. Special acknowledgments are also due to the Basle University Library (which generously allowed me access to the collection of Castellio's manuscripts), to the Zurich Central Library, and to the British Museum Reading Room in London.






1503 John Frith born at Westerham, Kent.

1505 Birth of John Knox.

1509 Calvin born at Noyon in Picardy, July 10.

1509 or 1511 Etienne Dolet born at Orleans, August 3. Miguel Servetus born at Tudela (Navarre) or at Villanueva (Aragon)--exact place and date uncertain. 1515 Castellio born at Saint-Martin-du-Fresne, Dauphine

1517 Luther's ninety-five theses against indulgences published at Wittenberg.

1519 Beze born at Vezelay, June 24.

1520 Excommunication of Luther.

1521 Diet of Worms.

1528 Capuchin order recognized by pope.

1529 Louis de Berquin burned in Paris for heresy, August

1531 Servetus's De Trinitatis erroribus libri septera published at Hagenau.

Zwingli killed at the battle of Kappel, October 11.

1532 John Frith arrested for heresy by order of Sir Thomas More.

1533 John Frith burned at Smithfield for heresy, July 4.

1534 Act of Supremacy whereby Henry VIII was appointed head of English Church. Bernardino Ochino becomes a Capuchin, when forty-seven years old.

1535 Thomas More executed on Tower Hill, July 6.

1536 Calvin's Institutio religionis Christianae, published in Basle, March.

Town's Meeting in Geneva avers determination to live thenceforward exclusively according to the gospels and God's word, May 31.

Death of Erasmus, at Basle, July 12.

Calvin comes to Geneva, July. Calvin appointed "Reader of Holy Writ" in Geneva, September 5.

1538 Calvin and Farel, after a referendum, ordered to quit Geneva within three days from April 23. Calvin settles in Strasburg.

1539 General edict against the Lutherans in France, June 24.

1540 Three Lutherans burned alive at Lyons, January.

Castellio becomes overtly Protestant, and leaves Lyons for Strasburg, springtime.

French translation of Calvin's Institutio first published.

Foundation of Society of Jesus approved by pope, and Loyola becomes first general in 1541

1541 Calvin re-enters Geneva by special invitation, amid popular rejoicings, September 13.

1542 Castellio appointed rector of College of Geneva, March 23. Also informally commissioned to preach in Vandceuvres, a suburb of Geneva.

Castellio's Four Books of Sacred Dialogues in Latin and French published at Geneva, end of year (antedated1543).

Bernardino Ochino, denounced to the Inquisition as a "Lutheran," fiees from Italy.

1542-1547 Ochino in Basle and Augsburg.

1543 Plague in Geneva. Calvin and other preachers refuse to visit pest-hospital. Geneva Council recommends Castellio's appointment as preacher, December 15.

1544 Six months' campaign of Calvin against Castellio, who thereupon wishes to resign.

Castellio's informal position as preacher at Vandoeuvres quashed, and his appointment as rector of the college in Geneva cancelled, July.

Castellio leaves Geneva for Berne, and thence removes to Basle, July and August.

1546 Death of Luther, February 18.

Servetus opens a correspondence with Calvin, January or February.

Calvin touched on the raw by Servetus's outspoken criticism of lnstitutio; and outraged by the tenor of an MS copy of Servetus's still unpublished Restitutio. Calvin writes to Farel: "Did Servetus come to Geneva, I would never suffer him to go away alive," ides of February.

Etienne Dolet burned in Paris as relapsed atheist, August 3.

1547 Death of Henry VIII of England, accession of Edward VI, January 28.

1547-1553 Ochino in England.

1548 Giordano Bruno born at Nola.

1549 Bucer, at Cranmer's instigation, becomes professor of theology at Cambridge.

1551 Bucer dies at Cambridge, February 28.

1553 Death of Edward VI of England, accession of Mary, July 6.

Clandestine publication of Servetus's Christianismi restitutio.

Calvin prompts Guillaume Trie's letter denouncing Miguel Servetus to the ecclesiastical authorities at Lyons, February 26.

Servetus escapes from episcopal prison at Lyons (probably with connivance of authorities), April 7.

Servetus burned in effigy at Lyons, together with his books, Christianismi restitutio, etc., June 17.

Servetus arrested in Geneva, Sunday, August 13.

Servetus burned alive at Champel, near Geneva, October 27.

1554 Knox visits Calvin at Geneva and Bullinger at Zurich.

1554-1563 Ochino in Basle and Zurich.

1554 Calvin publishes his first apologia for his conduct in the Servctus affair: Defensio orthodoxae fidei de Sacra Trinitate, etc., and, in French, Declaration, etc., contre les erreurs detestables de Michel Setvet, both at end of February in Geneva.

Castellio's De haereticis puhlished in March.

Calvin writes to Bullinger about De haereticis, March 28.

Publication of de Beze's De haereticis a civili magistrata puniendis libellus, adversus Martini Belli farraginem, etc., September.

Castellio's Contra libellure Calvini, written for publication this year, but first published at Amsterdam in 1612.

1556 Cranmer burned at Oxford, March 21.

Knox again in Geneva.

Death of Loyola at Rome, July 31.

1558 Death of Mary Tudor, November 17, accession of Elizabeth Tudor.

1560 Melanchthon died, April 19

Knox's Confession of Faith adopted, and Roman Catholicism formally abolished by Scottish Parliament.

1562 Castellio's De arte dubitandi written, but not published.

Castellio's Conseil a la France desolee, October.

1563 De Beze's Responsio ad defensiones et reprehensiones Sebastiani CasteIlionis published in Geneva.

Publication of Ochino's Thirty Dialogues.

Formal complaint against Castellio, as blasphemer, etc., lodged with Basle authorities, November.

Castellio died at Basle, December 29.

1564 Calvin died in Geneva, May 27.

1564 or 1565 Bernardino Ochino died in Moravia.

1564 Beze succeeded Calvin as pastor at Geneva.

1572 Massacre of St. Bartholomew, August 24.

Death of John Knox, November 24.

1592 Bruno arrested at Naples by order of the Inquisition, May

1600 Bruno burned in the Campo dei Fiori, Rome, February 17.


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