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Confrontational Evangelism on Campus


Chapter 14


The night before Cindy's conversion the Lord had awakened me from a sound sleep to pray for her. As I prayed, I believed the Lord was going to save her and had a great work for her to do. I didn't know what His work would be but I considered the possibility that He might be preparing her to be my wife. However, God's plan was to be even bigger than this. Within a year after her conversion and call to preach, Cindy had become one of the outstanding women preachers in the nation. Holy Hubert called her a female Billy Sunday.

Cindy and I began to spend much time together in prayer, Bible study, fellowship and ministry. I had observed a tendency in some women preachers to be masculine in manner and attitude. Therefore, I constantly consulted and prayed with Cindy about the necessity of developing a "meek and quiet spirit," but one that would be bold in the proclamation of the Gospel. The Lord did such a marvelous work of grace that people who have met her and never heard her preach are incredulous when she lifts up her voice to sound the trumpet of repentance.

Newspaper reporters constantly affirm that it is a different Cindy they interview than the one crying out against sin in the center of campus!

Mark J. Green in The Daily Collegian at Penn State wrote: "I took Cindy aside for an interview. She was not the wild and strong damning machine I had seen outside on the steps of Schwab Auditorium. She was a shy, young girl from Florida. Her voice was soft and kind. The only similarity between the two Cindys was the eyes. They were fiery and kind. I told a friend that day that I supposed Christ had eyes like hers."

Why I Married Cindy

Generally God wants people to marry and raise a family but the scriptures also teach the advantages of the single life because the married person may be distracted from the Lord's service by family responsibilities. Cindy and I had deep feeling and regard for one another and soon began to consider the possibility of marriage. We sought the Lord's guidance and wanted only to marry if it would further the cause of the kingdom.

We were very content in our single lives and completely occupied with our ministry.

Solomon wrote, "that favor is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman that feareth the Lord she shall be praised" (Proverbs 31:30). Although King Solomon traveled widely and searched diligently in looking for the wise and upright, he concluded: "One man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found" (Ecclesiastes 7:28). This is tragic considering Solomon had over a thousand wives and concubines.

Over the years I had met thousands of pretty single girls on campus and in the churches but Cindy was by far the most God-fearing woman that I had met. Not only was she attractive but she wished to do nothing that would displease God. I knew that Cindy fulfilled Solomon's quest; she was one in a thousand!

Sister Cindy and I had the same call and vision for the ministry, possible family distractions seemed likely to be minimal and were outweighed by the benefit of a life long holy alliance to advance the cause of Christ. It only remained for God to join together in the flesh what He had already brought together in the Spirit. I had not seen Cindy in about three months because we were in different parts of the country. We did talk regularly over the telephone, although marriage was not mentioned. We had planned to meet at my mother's in June. A few weeks before I had decided it was time to ask Cindy if she would marry me.

The traditional picture of a marriage proposal has the man on one knee with the woman sitting before him. I thought for this all-important occasion we should both be on our knees before the Lord. I started praying for several minutes.

Finally, I said, "Cindy, I believe it is time to ask the Lord to join us together in the state of holy matrimony."

She looked at me startled and we both returned to prayer.

After a few minutes I asked, "What do you think?"

"Yes," she answered.

I had always boasted on campus that my mother was the number one woman in all of Christendom. When we announced the engagement to my mother, I had to inform her that she had just fallen to number two. Cindy is now number one.

"That is the way it should be," mother replied.

The Right Contract

Rev. Clyde Swalls from Port Charlotte, Florida, performed the ceremony six weeks later at Centenary United Methodist Church in Terre Haute, Indiana, on July 30, 1983. Many ministers today wrongly have the bride and groom repeating the same vows. Cindy and I affirmed the traditional wedding vows which agree with scriptural teachings. I pledged to love, honor and cherish Cindy. She promised to love, honor and obey me.

My lawyer friend, Tom Elkins, always says, "It is crucial that the contract be made up right."

The Bible says, "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives and be not bitter against them" (Colossians 3:18-19). The wife expresses her love to her husband by being subject to him. Any woman who does not obey her husband does not love her husband. Nor does she love God because if she loved God, she would keep His commandments. The rebellious wife may have emotional feelings for God and her husband; but where there is not obedience, there is not true love.

Since we have been married, Cindy has not disobeyed me once! By God's grace, I have not failed to cherish her and give honor to her as the weaker vessel. We are heirs together of the gracious gift of life. I love her as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it.

A Real Man

When I command women to "submit" to or "obey" their husband, this generation of contentious women howl and rage. In order to pacify them I declare, "I can't blame you girls for not wanting to submit to one of these drunken fraternity boys, or drug-crazed hippies, or sex fiends, or rock 'n roll freaks. But girls, when you find a real man, you will have a different attitude about this doctrine of submission. For an example, someone like Sister Cindy found!"

The crowd laughs, several scream, "Just what is a real man?"

"A real man is temperate. He has self-control. He is able to control his natural appetites and desires. Real men don't drink, use dope or swear. They enter the marriage relationship as virgins. Real men don't listen to Michael Jackson, Boy George or other rock freaks. A real man is one who is able to love and be loved, to satisfy and be satisfied with one woman throughout his life. Most boys on this campus don't qualify as real men because you don't become a real man or a real woman until you become a Christian."

How to Find the Right One

My advice to anyone considering a marriage partner is to observe how the individual regards his parents. Does he honor and obey his father? Is he kindly and tender toward his mother?

Girl, the way the boy treats his mother will be the manner in which he will treat you. Boy, does the girl you are interested in honor and obey her father? If she does not, you can be sure that she will never honor and obey you. Does she lie to her parents? If she does, she will cheat on you.

Usually when men are considering a potential wife they first give attention to whether she has a pretty face and a good figure. Next they give consideration to her personality. Usually women first consider the man's personality; second, his likelihood of success; and third, his looks. But boys, that fair face will develop wrinkles and that sharp chin will become double. Her youthful appearance will fade and her slimness is likely to turn to fat.

Girls, if he continues that drinking or drug use those dreams of happiness and success will turn to nightmares. Nine out of ten wife beaters are drunkards and/or dope fiends. As for the nice personality, I have known of murderers and thieves that have nice personalities. There is no virtue in personality.

There is virtue in character. Character is of primary importance when choosing a mate. Is the individual a person of sound ethics and good moral principles? Alas! Virtue, character, ethics, morals and principles are words rarely heard anymore around a college campus. Physical beauty fades with the passing of years; but an excellent character improves and brightens the countenance as the years go by.

A troubled girl asked Cindy, "How do I know if I should marry this man?"

Cindy replied, "Ask him one question: Do you sin? If he sins, don't marry him."

People of good character obey God's Moral Law. Individuals of bad character disobey God's Law.

According to my surveys, most students still consider adultery to be wrong. Any individual considering fidelity in marriage desirable should be sure to marry a virgin. If the man you marry was promiscuous before marriage, matrimony will not suddenly change him. If he never learned to control his appetites before marriage,when faced with temptation after marriage, sooner or later he will succumb. On the other hand, if he has controlled his desires before marriage, he is likely to control them when faced with temptation after the union.

The most important element in a successful marriage is trust. If he even tried to have intimate relations with you before marriage, you have no basis on which to believe he will not try to have illegitimate relations afterwards. The next girl may not play so hard to get. This lack of trust may result in bitter jealousy. This jealousy will eventually destroy the marriage. These principles apply to the woman as well.

The purpose of courtship is to establish a relationship in the spiritual, mental and social realms. However, most young people today quickly get involved physically and that becomes the basis for the relationship. Thinking they are compatible, some go on to marriage. You can be physically harmonious with any healthy person of the opposite sex; but it takes more than physical attraction to hold a marriage together. The couple soon discovers that they do not have physical relations every night. Suddenly they realize that they need to communicate with each other but they have married strangers with different values, morals and interests. As a result the couple eventually gives up and gets a divorce.

It is not advisable to even court someone with whom you have fundamental spiritual differences. Especially if the person is of a different religion. It is best to find someone in the same church or denomination. For example, a Protestant and a Catholic should not court. If you discover someone with the same religious beliefs and you start a relationship, develop it on the spiritual plane by praying, reading the Bible, ministering, visiting orphans and widows and going to church. Stay away from picture shows, bars, dances, rock concerts, etc. Actually, if the boy even suggests a questionable movie or having a drink, drop him immediately.

Are you culturally and socially compatible? Do you have similar interests? If so, you might want to prayerfully pursue the relationship. Break off the courtship if you discover that you are not spiritually, mentally or socially agreeable. Do not allow yourself to get emotionally involved if you are not basically compatible. This would be very dangerous. Your emotions could lead you into an unwise marriage.

When I was showing interest in a girl, my father would always ask, "Is she intelligent?"

"Of course, in my lustful and rebellious years, this was one of my least concerns. To be intelligent one must live reasonably by obeying God's Law. Girls should consider the question: Is this the man I want ruling over me? Will he lead the family wisely? Men should ponder this question: Is this the woman I want to be the mother of my children? Will she be a help or hindrance as I pursue my life's ambitions and goals?

God provided what my father advised, when He gave me Cindy as my wife. She is intelligent, virtuous, interesting, a good homemaker and a loving wife and mother.

"A virtuous woman who can find her? Her price is far above rubies." This saying is probably truer today than ever as thousands of American women have been brainwashed by the "women's liberation" propaganda.

When I speak out on campus against this modern philosophy, many of the girls become enraged. As they reach the boiling point I quickly add, "I'm not trying to put you women down, I'm just trying to put you in your proper place." This has brought me numerous punches and slaps over the years.

What is the proper place of a woman?

"And the Lord God said, It is not good that a man should be alone. I will make a help meet for him" (Genesis 2:18). First, the woman was created to be a help and a companion to her husband. "Neither was the man created for the woman but the woman for man" (I Corinthians 11:9).

Secondly, the woman was intended to bare children and help bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. "Unto the woman He said . . . thou shalt bring forth children . . ." (Genesis 3:16).

Even nature teaches us that the woman is to be a homemaker and the man is to earn a living. The mother carries the baby for nine months and becomes emotionally attached to the child long before the father. The bond grows as she spends hours nursing the babe in the way God provided. It is impossible for the father to do this. God created him the stronger vessel so he could work to provide for his household. "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel" I Timothy 5:8).

The Woman's Place

God designed men to be the leaders and women to be their helpers. This should not anger the Christian woman because Jesus taught us all to take the attitude of a servant. But the women of this generation are selfish and they have been duped by the women libbers, many of whom are lesbians.

These contentious women try to convince others that they will be more fulfilled with their own career rather than being a good wife, mother and homemaker. They suggest a constant nine to five job for a cocktail-sipping executive would provide more joy than serving a God-fearing husband!

Many are asking: "Why be bored training and teaching your own children and watching them grow when you can drop them at the nursery? They will do all the work and you only have to see your little ones on the weekends."

The role of homemaker is belittled and made to look as though only a dumb, dull woman would want such a task. On the contrary, it takes great wisdom and intelligence to be a good wife and mother. It is a most honorable calling and the rewards are great for those who do well.


The Bible says: "Her children arise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Give her the fruits of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates" (Proverbs 31:28-31).

After Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, God said to her, ". . . thy desire shall be unto thy husband and he shall rule over you" (Genesis 3:16).

I often say on campus that no matter how much she denies or fights it, every woman has a God-given desire to marry and bare children for a man who will lovingly rule over her.

After Eve's sin, God saw that since the woman is a more emotional being and more prone to be deceived by her sensibilities, she needs the leadership of a man who is governed by reason. As I have already mentioned, this is affirmed in the New Testament: "Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church" (Ephesians 5:22-23).

Despite her weakness the woman has had the honor bestowed upon her that can never be given any other creature of all God's creation. Independent of man, she had the exalted privilege of being the human instrumentality through whom Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son, was born into the world. "Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign: Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel" (Isaiah 7:14). The word Immanuel means "God with us."

There are times in history when God puts a woman in a leadership position either because she is more suitable or because a man is not willing to do it. The latter was the case when God raised up Deborah, the prophetess, to be ruler and judge in Israel. The nation was so laden with sin that the men had become cowards and wimps. Phyllis Schafly, who almost single-handedly defeated the Equal Rights Amendment, is a good modern-day example of God using a woman in leadership.

In this day when the media is giving special attention to women, it is important that God-fearing women speak out for righteousness.


Careers and Climaxes

Cindy is now the mother of four but she still finds time to speak out for righteousness on the campuses. The following is a tract that she wrote based on a message that she often delivers on campus:


"Feminists tell the females of the 90's that two things are needed to make a "Real Woman".

"One, she needs her own career. This career is to provide the woman's channel to "self-worth" and "independence". The modern woman can do anything that a man can do, usually better. She does not need a man.

"However, our real woman does (usually) prefer a man when it comes to attaining the second criteria for womanhood - reaching a sexual climax. "Leading authorities" say that historically females have been robbed because they have not climaxed as often as the male. Today's woman is to demand the ultimate in sexual experience at least twice a week.

"After five or ten years out of college, REALITY hits our real woman. Her career becomes a not-so-glorious, but very boring and frustrating JOB. Her sexual experiences were fleeting but the physical toll and emotional scars incurred are enduring.

"I am a woman but I do not have a career and most nights I am too tired for sex.

"What I do have is PURPOSE. My ultimate purpose is to please my Creator. HE has chosen my roles to be those of wife and mother.

"I am so thankful for my four healthy and happy little girls. Feminists say that my hours of drudgery are filled with changing diapers, wiping noses and washing dishes. It is true that 'a man works from sun to sun but a woman's work is never done'.

"But instead of drudgery I find myself inspired as I teach Evangeline, our nine-year-old, history, geography and science in the light of God's revelation. Watching her devour books and read her Bible every day, I am overjoyed that I had the privilege of teaching her phonics. Now Charlotte, our six-year-old is learning to read. Her voice is music to my ears as she struggles to sound out the words with a determination that tells me that she will accomplish much in life. I am so glad that God gave us Justina Mercy, our four-year-old, because she loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. We marvel looking at the world through the eyes of Martha, our two-year-old, who delights us with her funny faces and is just happy to be a part of all the action.

"Every changed diaper, ever wiped nose and every washed dish is done with purpose. I have the awesome task of loving, nurturing and training the character of little ones who are to grow up and become blessings to this desperate world. This requires love, wisdom, knowledge and grace that only God can give.

"I am also thankful for a husband who is true to his vows. There is no worry about him running away with another woman or contracting a social disease. He would rather die than break the marriage covenant that we made before God. I am blessed to be his best friend, faithful confident, loyal servant and only lover.

"Woman of the 90's, the choice is yours. You can live your life your way or you can give your life to God. As for most that read this tract, I will be casting my pearls before swine. Your hearts are hard, your spirits are brazen and your faces are hell-bent. Self-destruction is the path that you have chosen.

"But maybe you are of a different persuasion or at least open. Maybe these words of truth have kindled the flames of the God-given nature and desires within every woman. Maybe you will choose the better path..."


The Family

One day when Cindy was preaching at the Ohio State University, a sodomite, seeing our three daughters playing on the sidelines began to chide her. He said, "One child is enough, two are too many and three are ridiculous."

Another student informed the pervert that Cindy was expecting her fourth child. He then moaned a loud, "Oh No!"

Unfortunately many in the church world have fallen for this homosexual mentality. Women are so determined to rebel against "their natural use" that some are getting their tubes tied, and men are so effete that they are getting vasectomies.

Young couples planning marriage often protest we are not ready for children. I answer, "If you are not ready for children then you are not ready for marriage."


The Full Quiver

The Lord commanded the first married couple: "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion...upon the earth" (Genesis 2:28). God ordained the family before he ordained the church or the state. He intended the family, headed by the husband or patriarch, to be the primary institution of society.

Cindy and I want to have as many children as the Lord blesses us with, and we would not consider interfering with his plan. Our goal is to repopulate the earth with people who think and act like we do. Meanwhile the humanists, who have fallen for the myth of overpopulation, are practicing birth control including abortion. In contrast, visionary Christians are having large families and training them to take dominion upon the earth because we know overpopulation is not the problem facing humanity, but the problem is underproduction. In the next generation we will have the manpower and influence to regain control of our culture and its institutions.

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that has his quiver full of them" (Psalm 127:3-5).

When Cindy and I chose to marry it was our desire to bring forth a righteous seed that would glorify the Lord. We always had high ideals: our babies were not going to cry.

Evangeline Lindsey Smock was born August 4,1984, five days after our first year of marriage. We chose the name Evangeline after my Aunt Eva who before her passing had always been a big support and encouragement to my ministry. Eva is short for Evangeline which means "Bearer of good news". We also named her after Evangeline Booth the daughter of William and Catherine Booth and once leader of the soul-winning Salvation Army in America. The name Lindsey we took from Holy Hubert Lindsey who was our forerunner and the great example for The Campus Ministry USA. We felt that with such a prophetic name our first-born was off to a grand start.

It seemed that her birth was perfect timing because Cindy and baby would be ready to start back on the campuses in the Fall. However none of our family members were of this persuasion. They seemed appalled that we would dare take a six week old child on the road. My well-meaning sister-in-law took Cindy aside and warned her of the horrors of stomach colic and asked her what she would do if we were traveling and Evangeline got it. My mother,in her gentle way, asked us over and over "What are you going to do with her on campus?" And even Cindy's father wrote us a letter(a true rarity in this age of telephones) and in sincere kindness warned about the risks of traveling with a baby.

Cindy responded with a thank you for his concern and wrote back explaining our calling. We believed that God had called us to the campuses and our child would be a blessing not a hindrance to the mission. We determined to obey God.

So we packed our brand new Chevy van and headed for campuses in the Midwest. Like all new mothers, Cindy was inexperienced and a bit timid. When we arrived at Northern Illinois State University in DeKalb it was raining. We parked the van and put on our rain coats and headed for the student union. Cindy held Evangeline under her coat in her arms. During the walk the babe fell asleep and her body went limp. Not realizing that this is just the way a sleeping baby feels, Cindy feared that the child had smothered under the rain coat. She quickly pulled back the coat to find a baby breathing very contently.

Evangeline did catch a cold that week which again was a worry to the new mother. Cindy said to me "Jed, what will we tell our families if she dies?" I said ,"If she dies, what we will tell everyone will be the least of our concerns."

The child did not die but lived to the glory of God, becoming a blessing to our lives and ministry. She was a very good baby and an easy traveler. She rarely spit up or even had a runny nose. Although she cried, it was not very often or very loud. To this day she has never thrown a tantrum.

Evangeline loved being out on campus in the sunshine and fresh air. She was an immediate drawing card because in even a crowd of rebellious college students there were some who liked to smile and talk to a baby. They would come up to see the baby while I preached and Cindy would turn the conversation to the things of the Lord.

Evangeline had a way of staring at people with deep penetrating eyes. We joked that her sober look was enough to convict a sinner.

She was a cheerful baby, mostly sleeping right through the yelling, screaming, and heckling. Nothing ever robbed her of her God-given peace and contentment and she is like that today.

Some students, who could find no other fault with our lives, criticized us for bringing Evangeline to campus. "Why do you allow your poor child to view this abusive behavior? If you were a good parent you would not subject her to this. Remarks like this were often made by our most vulgar and loudest heckler.

If it was a warm day the students complained that it was too hot for the child to be out there. If it was a cool day we were called abusive parents for bringing the child out into the "dead of winter."

Actually we went south in the winter and the weather was usually very mild. If it was chilly we would dress Evangeline warmly and bundle her in blankets and the cool air would put her to sleep. It is amazing how the students who butcher their own offspring in the abortion clinics suddenly become experts at parenting. As the Lord Jesus said, "They strain at a knat and swallow a camel."

So the little "Bearer of Good News" spent the first three years of her life traveling from campus to campus with Mommy and Daddy. We even took her to South Africa for two months.

One evening after a long day on campus we drove to a motel. When we pulled into the parking lot, Evangeline asked, "Where are we Mommy?"

"We are stopping at a motel, my dear, Cindy replied.

"Oh boy! a new motel," she beamed.

Evangeline has always had a positive outlook on life and a gift of befriending people. This has been a special blessing and added dimension to our confrontational ministry.

On October 6,1987 God gave us Charlotte Abigail. We named her Charlotte after my mother and Abigail after Cindy's mother. She

had a plump face and lots of black hair. She cried a lot more and a lot louder than number one had. Her redeeming quality was that she had a special love for Daddy almost immediately.

Three weeks after the birth of Charlotte, Sister Pat came to our home. She began to teach three-year-old Evangeline to memorize Proverbs 31:10 "Who can find a virtuous woman,for her price is far above rubies?" Sister Pat wore a ruby ring and she would point to her ring, as she had Evangeline repeat the Bible verse over and over.

Soon Evangeline was quoting scripture on campuses and in churches. We were very proud. When she was four she made her first missionary journey with me and Paul Stamm(no Mom) to Louisiana State University. She quoted verses to the students everyday.



On the other hand, as Charlotte approached her first birthday she became quite a discipline challenge. She screamed whether she was happy or sad, but mostly when she couldn't get her way.

Proverbs 23:13,14 Withhold not correction from the child: for if though beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shall deliver his soul from hell.

We had always preached these verses and practiced them with our first child. However, with Charlotte, our faithfulness was put to test. I became an "old pro" at using the rod.

God's principles are tried and true. Charlotte learned to control her emotions and became an obedient child.

Before her third birthday, Charlotte had memorized many of Evangeline's favorite verses and they would quote them together on campus.

She was such a good girl that I took her on a week-long preaching trip the summer before her fourth birthday. This was a big deal for the whole family. Charlotte planned for weeks. When the day of departure came, the family gathered in special prayer and sent the little missionary off with Dad. As we drove out of the driveway she waved and waved to Mom and the three sissies left at home. There was never a little girl any more excited.

However, Charlotte's tender age, combined with my inexperience in handling a three-year-old, turned the trip into what seemed to be a disaster. Charlotte had talked and talked about quoting her verses at the missions conference but she was too shy to do them without big Sissy.

She had an accident in the night which ruined the bed clothes. I was at a loss as to how to fix her beautiful long hair so it was a stringy mess most of the time. She got sleepy and cranky on campus which embarrassed me in front of the students.

However it was a learning experience for both of us and I am thankful for the time that we had.

The next year was one of great growth for Charlotte. The winter of her fourth year, Cindy took the girls to a nursing home to sing and recite their verses. To our surprise, Charlotte stood up alone and began to quote Psalm 1 to the crowd of elderly. One senile man in the back kept yelling causing quite a disruption. But Charlotte persevered until she finished her verses. Cindy cried for joy. From then on Charlotte had no fear of reciting by herself on campus or in churches.

At the end of her fourth year we took another missionary trip together which was truly successful.

Upon Charlotte's fifth birthday, my mother gave her a picture story Bible. She was thrilled and looked at the Bible every day. She was just learning to read so she would look at the pictures and read the letter of each word. We were amazed at the hours that she spent in that Bible.

About this time, Charlotte had a dream: She saw the Lord Jesus going up to heaven and he called her name. This was very special and she still tells everyone about the vision.

Charlotte has proven to be a very diligent child. At age four she could fold a load of towels and put them up by herself. They were a bit messy but within a year she was doing them as well as Mom.

She often gets up before all in the morning and sets the table for breakfast. I told her that she was the most wonderful five-year old in the world, because I had never heard of a five-year-old who does that for her family.

We knew that our efforts with Charlotte had been a success after Cindy had a recent conversation with a new friend who is a young mother. Cindy was relating to her friend how Charlotte had been quite a discipline challenge the first two years of her life. The friend was very surprised and could not believe that Charlotte had given us such troubles. She was indeed a different person and we had experienced the faithfulness of God's principles in child rearing.


Justice or Mercy

On August 13, 1989, we were awarded our third daughter. The doctors have never done any tests to determine the sex of our unborn babies. About a month before this birth the Lord impressed me with the name Justina Mercy. At the cross of Jesus we see God's justice and mercy revealed as never before. Our third child's mission in life would be to declare this message to a wicked and perverse generation.

God wanted me to continue to warn the college students that they have a choice between justice and mercy. Should they choose God's justice they each will spend eternity in the lake of fire. Should they repent of their sins and trust in Jesus who died for them, they will receive mercy and eternal life.

Justina Mercy was to hit the gospel road even earlier than her oldest sister. Three weeks after her birth the five of us embarked on a two-week missionary journey to Wisconsin. we stayed in the home of Mick and Pat Noordewier who helped us minister on the campuses in that area.

Each night after a great campus meeting, Mick and Pat fed the girls supper while Cindy and I went out for a quiet meal alone. Mick had a way of holding Justina Mercy and making her the happiest and most contented baby in the world. I have yet to master Mick's technique.

Our first day at the University of Wisconsin, our then two-year -old Charlotte preached beside Cindy, repeating everything she said in part English and part baby talk. Charlotte kept getting louder and was becoming a distraction so I had to stop her. She didn't like that very much.

A week later we were driving to the same campus and five-year-old Evangeline announced that she was called to the campuses. She asked if she could start selling this book to the students. (We have always given the students a copy of "Who will Rise Up?" for $1.) Evangeline also quoted the 23rd Psalm on the campuses where we ministered.

On September 11, Sister Pat concluded our 5-hour day at Stevens Point by giving a call for salvation with 4-week-old Justina Mercy in her arms. She made it clear that God was giving them all a choice between justice and mercy. We know of none who chose mercy, but the crowd applauded Sister Pat at the conclusion.

When Justina was 18 months old she could sing songs on tune even though she did not speak the words clearly. In her second year she started quoting verses with her sisters. She memorized the verses that her two older sisters quoted without any effort on our part. Half-way through her third year Justina Mercy was quoting Psalm 1 by herself loud and clear on campus and in churches.


Home Birth

Two years to the date of Justina Mercy's birthday, the Lord blessed us with 10lbs. 1oz. Martha Marie who was born in our home with the assistance of two mid-wives. When Cindy was carrying Martha she was touched by reading an old letter that my paternal Grandmother wrote to my parents when I was a child. She expressed a desire that all her grandchildren know and study the Bible. Cindy said that if we had another girl she wanted to name her after my grandmother. We chose Marie after Cindy's maternal grandmother who turned 80 in 1993.

With Martha as with our other three girls we rejoiced over the uniqueness of God's creation. She was a quiet baby and the easiest yet to take care of.

Often on campus, Cindy will preach against abortion. She tells the female students that it is their "choice" should they conceive a child, to go to the local clinic and have their innocent little baby sucked out of their womb. She then picks up baby Martha and holds her in her arms for all to see and says "if you do choose abortion, this is what you have murdered, the only difference, girls, is that she had your hair, your eyes, your nose and your smile."

So from a very tender age Martha has been a blessing to our ministry and the kingdom of God.

Martha revealed to us how with the baby child it is easy to let sentimentality blind parents to the need for godly discipline. She was so cute that it was easy to overlook or even be tempted to laugh at her moments of rebellion. Having three older sisters who mostly catered to her whims and desires did not make our task easy.

When she was 18 months old we began to turn things around. By her second year she was coming when we called, fearing the rod and being quiet in church. This made her a greater blessing to the family.


Evangeline Comes Forth

We have chosen to home school our daughters because the government schools will program them to serve the state. We want to teach them to serve the Lord. We are not trying to isolate them from the world, but prepare them to lead the next generation back to God.

It is not the proper function of the state to provide education. "Free education for all children in public schools," is the tenth point of The Communist Manifesto. When the state controls education it controls our children and our future.

Fathers need to rise up and take back their God-given responsibility to command their children and lead their family to serve the Almighty. Fathers should not push their responsibilities on schools, churches, grandparents or even their wives.

We take our children to campus with us because we consider it an educational experience and we consider them a part of the ministry. They pass out tracts, sing and quote lengthy passages of scripture.

The Spring of 1993 was a turning point for Evangeline. We invited our Newark friend, Emma Stout, and her three children to join us for a day of ministering at OSU. Evangeline,9, has been close friends with Mrs. Stout's oldest daughter,10 year-old Leah. The children sang songs for the students, and Evangeline quoted a passage.

When they finished a girl hollered from the crowd, "These children are smart. They need to be sent to school like normal children."

Leah, loudly and boldly said, "We are homeschooled by our parents."

"You need to have friends like other children," the same girl responded."

"We're in a homeschool group with many other children and we are related by the blood of Jesus!"

The mention of the name of the Lord only made the students angrier.

But we parents were thrilled with Leah's stand. Here was a 10-year-old who had never been around such sin and wickedness speaking the truth to a hostile jeering crowd. Leah had not been raised in the heat of the battle like our children. Her folks own a little farm.

Her days are spent feeding the chickens and gathering eggs, playing on the tree swing,reading lots of books, and being homeschooled by her godly Mom. What made Leah different from most children is that her parents had taught her by word and example to love the Lord Jesus and take a stand for him when possible. Young Leah had not hesitated when the Spirit called her to rise up for God against the evil doers and stand up for Him against the workers of iniquity.

Leah's stand became a great source of inspiration to Evangeline. Prodded on by the example of her older friend whom she loves dearly, she began to respond to the students' comments also. On the way home all the children were so excited and they talked and talked about the experience.

A few days later Mrs. Stout and Cindy were praying together. Evangeline and Leah built an altar out of stones in our yard, put fresh flowers on it, and had their own prayer meeting. They prayed that our ensuing visit to campus would be a success.

The next day the Stouts joined us at Ohio University in Athens. The girls made up a list of eighteen songs to sing on campus. At one point some girls at the back of the crowd got very upset with Cindy's preaching. Leah and Evangeline went up to them and witnessed for a long time. One girl who had been very angry and even crying came up and told Cindy how impressed she was with the children. "Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings He hath ordained strength."

During our family devotions the following day, I prayed especially for Evangeline and encouraged her in her new boldness. At the end of the day on campus I called on Evangeline to recite some verses. When she finished I told her to take questions from the students.

This caused an immediate division among the 20 students who were left. Some shouted, you should not subject your child to this ridicule. Others contradicted, "Be quiet, we want to hear what she has to say. These children are a mystery to us and we would like to know what is going on in their minds."

An immediate issue was child discipline. They asked Evangeline if she was paddled. She replied that she was when she disobeyed. One girl who talked like a future social worker told Evangeline that she should never be spanked,"That is child abuse."

Evangeline explained that using the rod is the Biblical way of training a child. The girl insisted that we could find a better way of disciplining children by using restrictions. Evangeline said that she usually preferred the paddle. She explained how recently Mother had refused to let her go to the library because she was slow with her chores. Distraught over losing her anticipated trip to the library, she asked if she could be paddled instead. Mother refused.

Another student interrupted that he thought spanking was necessary. He told of a recent experience babysitting a nephew who would not behave until he finally spanked him.

A Jewish boy complained that he had been verbally abused by his parents which is as bad as spanking. He had learned his lessons well and continued to spout off at Evangeline who was not shaken by his foaming mouth.

Other students told Evangeline that it is horrible to have such narrow-minded parents who only teach her the Christian point of view. Two other boys argued that they were raised in a Christian home and forced to go to church and they felt that they were the better for it. One of the boys listed the successes of his brothers and sisters and assured the crowd that Evangeline would do fine in life.

This went on for about thirty minutes while Cindy and I just listened with great interest. Evangeline shared simple truths and calmly answered questions as best she could. The child touched the hearts of at least some of the students and made her parents' hearts very happy.

Who's Really Being Brainwashed?

"You are brainwashing your children," the students accuse.

I answer, "If we were brainwashing them we would not bring them out to campus. To be brainwashed is to only be exposed to one point of view. We bring them to campus where they hear everything that is counter to what we believe and teach. You are the ones being brainwashed because in the classroom you only get the secular, humanistic, and socialistic perspective."

"How will your children be socialized if they don't attend the public schools?" we are frequently asked.

"We don't want them to be socialized in the manner you have been," I answer. "Webster defines socialize: 'to subject to governmental ownership and control; nationalize, to cause to become a socialist.' The socialist wants children to look to the state as parents. Socialists, through the school system, are trying to destroy the family because it is the greatest threat to the authority of the state."

I explain, "We want to inculcate our children in the old-fashion virtues of self-control, individual responsibility, and initiative so that they will be conquerors and not pawns."

"Of course we do want them to have a social conscienceness," I add. "But the best preparation for adjustment to the larger society is the family. If one can live in harmony with his siblings and honor one's parents, he will be able to function effectively in all orders of society. People that are unsuccessful in life, have first failed in their family relationships."



There is scarce any expression in Holy Writ which has given more offence than this. The word perfect is what many cannot bear. --John Wesley




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