Are Men Born Sinners?

by Alfred T. Overstreet    

Footnotes for Anthology

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7. That Paul could not have meant that the race literally shared in Adam's sin is seen in the representatin of verse 14 that a part of mankind did not sin after the similitude of Adam's transgression. These were indeed sinners, in Paul's view, as violating the dectates of conscience. But the fact that they were not regarded as sinners in the sense of Adam, who transgressed a positive precept, implies that his sin was not viewed as actually theirs. With the above interpretation the following from Professor George B. Stevens may be compared: "In what sense, according to Paul's characteristic modes of thought, does he mean that all men sinned when Adam sinned? They sinned in the same sense in which believers were crucified to the world and died unto sin when Chrit died upon the cross. The believer's renewal is conceived as wrought in advance by those acts and experiences of Christ in which it has its ground. As the consequences of his vicarious sufferings are traced back to their cause, so are the consequences which flowed from the begining of sin in Adam traced back to that original fount of evil and identified with it; but the latter statement should no more be treated as a rigid logical formula that the former, its counterpart." (Pauline Theology, pp. 135,136.)

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