To Samuel Bond

1 July 1868


[MS in Finney Papers # 1910. Copy in the handwriting of Rebecca Finney]


Oberlin Ohio 1st July 1868


My Dear Br. Bond,

On looking over the article again, to which I referred

yesterday, I find I cannot at all credit his professed

extract form the record. His extracts represent me as

acting Secretary pro. tem. from 24th Feb 1820 to Dec. 14th

1820, nearly a year, and this before I was a member of the Lodge.

This must be a mistake. "Dec 14th 1820, Charles G. Finney

having been duly admitted a member of the Lodge

by ballot, duly elected secretary." This is the first men-

tion of my admission to the Lodge. Again he says "30th Oct. 1823.

Bro. Finney was at the Lodge (more than a year after his

conversion) and served as Sen. Warden pro. tem." He at-

tended the next meeting &c. &c. This same evening was

election night for the ensuing year 1824." "Thus two years

after his conversion he was in the Lodge." Here again

is a palpable mistake. I was converted Oct 10th 1822

The 30th Oct. 1823 would be twenty days over one year.

He says I attended the next meeting when their of-

ficers were elected for 1824. But this he says was two

years after my conversion. But his figures show that

it was but a little over one year. This would be of

no consequence, but for the use he makes of his own

blunders. He finds no record of my presence in a Lodge af-

ter this, but says 6th May 1824. I was discharged at my own

request. My request had been presented the year before,

or I entirely misremember. It may have been acted

upon & granted as late as May 6th 1824. Did the pro-

fessed christian masons of Adams sanction such a

use of their records as this? I should like to know Bro.

Bond, for I may need to use this to illustrate the workings of the Institution

God bless you Dr. Br. C. G. Finney


Finney received the following letter from S. N. Bond:


Adams July 7 1868

Revd C. G. Finney.

Dear Sir

Yours of June 30th

& 1st sent to my father were recd by me

[smudge] in reply would say that Father

went out to Iowa last May, and I

do not know how soon he will return

In yours of 30th ult you mention that you

think he with Dea Stone became masons

after you left Adams = They never

became masons were always Antimason

The Presbyterian Ch records show that you

came before the Session Dec 31. 1821 and

Benjn Wright Jany 1822 and both recd

into the Ch Jany 1822 and Benjn Wright

was elected and elder in the Ch in

1827 --I am not a mason and of

course have no access to the records

of the Lodge

Respectfully Yours &c

S. N. Bond



Finney repeats the error in the date. It should be 1821.