To George Whipple

Secretary of the American Missionary Association

3 November 1854


[MS in American Missionary Association Archives #100556, Amistad Research Center, Tulane University]


Oberlin 4 Nov, 54

Rev. Geo Whipple

Enclosed is a line

from our beloved Professor of Theology

which will nearly explain the

amount of what we wish to com


Our attention has been drawn

to Northern Iowa where 300

families have gone in per week

(as the public journals report)

for the past season.

One of us having been urged to

look to this field as his future

place of settlement, we thought to

go out & labour for the coming

say 5 or 6 or perhaps 7 months

among that people or elsewhere

as the Spirit may direct, possibly

nearer the centre of Iowa.

[page 2]

We have both laboured in

revivals & have been very greatly


We are about 28 years of age

robust & ready to enter on the

work wherever God in his Providence

may lead. All we ask is to be

sustained. One of us will probably

be licensed before starting. at

present neither of us are

We design remaining only till

Pres Finney recommences his

instructions in Theoly. Possibly

we may go previous to hearing

from you, & risk any encourage

ment from you, as our studies will

be intermitted until Spring

very shortly. (We have taken the

liberty to copy Bro Finneys letter

as there is a blot on it ie. the original)

[page 3]

Oberlin 3rd Nov. 1854

Dear Bro. Whipple

Brs McLain & Stuart

propose to go West under your

patronage. I believe them both to

be excellent Brethren & just such

young men as will do good. Bro.

Stuart has not been here long

he brought the highest recommenda-

-tions from his Pastor in Canada West.

He sustains well the character given him

Br. McLain is now full of the Spirit of

revival & I trust will remain so. They are

both doing much good here & will I trust

wherever they go. We have a good work

of grace in progress here. With high

regards for your dear wife & yourself

I am as always your Br.

(signed) C. G. Finney.

[page 4]

What we propose to do is

to go into a place or places

where there is no preaching

at all or nearly none. gather

the flock & feed them for the winter

& we believe God will be pleased

to revive his work graciously.

We prefer to do this to labour-

ing here where we may during

the winter gather a half dozen or

more souls, for we thus get among

the totally destitute & hope to

to make a more direct breach on

Satans kingdom.

Hoping this is all the requisite

information we remain yours for the

cause of the Redeemer

J.M. McLain &

D.M.V. Stuart

Please write us immediately for we

wish to start soon if we go this winter

Yours J. M. McLain


[endorsed]: Passd Nov 29/54


J. Milton McLain.

Duncan M. V. Stuart, from Bowmanville, Canada.

The word "to" is repeated.