To P. J. Bolton

10 November 1849


[Letter from William Harned to P. J. Bolton, British and Foreign Antislavery Society, with Finney's endorsement. The letter was in the British and Foreign Antislavery Society Papers in Rhodes House Library, Oxford, but cannot now be found. Transcription from Louis Billington.]


P.J. Bolton, Esq. 61 John St. New York, Oct./19/49



My Dear sir,

Permit me hereby to introduce to you and through you to our friends in London, Prof. Charles G. Finney of Oberlin, Ohio, whose name and reputation, as a leading reformer, will, I am sure, secure for him a cordial reception and such courtesies and attentions as he may require, and you can conveniently extend to him.

Prof F. expects to sail with his lady in the Steamer Hermann, intending to spend the winter in Europe.

Very truly yours,

Wm. Harned.


Houghton 10th Nov. 1849

P.J. Bolton Esq.

Dear Sir.

This and the accompanying sheet were handed to me in New York unsealed as you find them and it was expected that I should deliver them personally. I however passed from Southampton through London to this place without stopping and of course did not deliver the letter. On looking at them I perceive that one of them is on business and have thought it wise to forward it since it is uncertain when I shall visit London. I send you this that you may know through whom your business letter came and also to introduce myself to you as a fellow laborer in the cause of reform and in anticipation of my seeing you.

Yours fraternally

C. G. Finney.