To Lydia Finney

10 November 1834


[Autograph signed letter in the Finney Papers # 1147]


Addressed: Mrs. C. G. Finney

Western Oneida co

N. York


Postmark: NEW YORK NOV 10



New York 10th Nov. 1834.

Dear Wife your letter of the 6th Inst is just recd

I hasten to say 1. Our Sexton packed the things I cant

say where they all are. 2. Mrs Green had taken the precaution

to take the spoons out of the Bureau & I put them in

my leather trunk. 3. The covered rocking chair is in

my study. 4. Br. Norton had paid Mr. Green for that

table some time since. 5. I will see if Br. Green wishes to

exchange carpets. 6. Dont neglect Nortons ear I fear he

will become deaf. I presume he takes cold in his ear

standing in the current when the window is raised.

If you are not aware they will all loose their eyes

or ears or lives in that way. 7. I have about abandoned

the idea of going west this winter. 8. Emily Seely is about

commencing to write some sermons for me. If she succeed

well Br. Green thinks I had better take her into the country

to write for me, as it is probable that I should not recover

by sitting & day after day keeping my mind heated with

writing. I could dictate to her an hour in the morning

& have mind off the subject the rest of the day. I intimated

to Julia Mc.Neal the thought suggested by you. Mrs Norton

was present & answered that she had proposed the same

thing to her & she declined. From Julia's manner I got

the impression that she would not like to go. Miss Bishop

is very earnest to go & said more than once that we must

reserve a corner for her. Emily is at a loss what to do.

She thinks she shant keep school. The house is to be sold

& the family must break up. Emily I guess from what she

says would be glad to go & I have thought her vocal

powers would be of some importance to you. Her singing

is very much improved. Both Miss B. & Julia talk a little

to[o] fast for us. I dont suppose Emily would be at first much

help to you about your work. She is however preparing her

mind to take hold of work somewhere. Her heart is torn at

the thought of breaking up & going different ways as they have

always been together. Before this you will have recd my

[page 2]

letter on the subject of boarding instead of buying a farm.

If Br. Dunn is unwilling to obligate himself to take the farm back

in case I should want to leave I do not think upon the whole

that I had better purchase for these reasons. 1. I might not

want to rest from preaching more than 2 years. 2 In case I

should want to labor in the far west or south I should

want my family with me. I cant think of locating you

& roving far & near myself unless it becomes indispensable.

3. If I attempt to write it will be too much care for me.

4. Father & mother dont like to go there. 5. Should I be

taken away you would not want it. 6. Should you be

taken I could not stay there without you. 7. A house & barn

& garden is all I can well see to & write. 8. On many accounts

I should prefer boarding as that would give your whole time

to your children. 9. If after a fair experiment it was ascertained

that I shall not so recover as to be able to preach in that

case I might then make a permanent arrangement & purchase.

If you approve of it as I said before & Br. & Sister Dunn are

amind to take us at such a lay that I can pay them

without embarrassment I should prefer boarding there

to any where I know of. Which do you prefer keeping house or

boarding? To move our furniture will be expensive.

I am still undecided what to do about staying here this winter.

I preached twice yesterday & feel pretty well to day. Some

interest is waking up & several yesterday professed submission

to God. The church beg me to stay if I can only sit in

the pulpit & not preach at all. Some of the most judicious

of them think the church would scatter in every direction

as soon as it was known that I was going on account of

the abolition movements. Sometimes I feel so well that I think

I will stay then again when I get fatigued I think I

will not preach again but will leave immediately.

I hope to be able to determine soon. If I conclude to

stay I shall come after you, or send. If I dont stay I

hope to be with you soon. Did your things come

safe to hand? What else shall I bring if I come to spend

[page 3]

the winter with you, & dont conclude to buy that farm?

I am sitting for my portrait again on condition that

Br. Green shall give it to my family in case I should

be taken away. I wish you were here to have yours taken.

If we board & Emily Seely comes with us can you &

she get along with the work? Can they make room

for her at Br. Dunn's. If we keep house what do you

say to going to Stephentown Br. Beach's house is empty?

It is near Judge Platts. No religious privileges there.

I suppose we might get a house in Rome but I

hate a village & besides it is unhealthy there.

Br. Dunn will I suppose at all events keep us this

winter if I come back there. Let me know immediately

what you think as if I come there I want to make arrange

ments accordingly. I dont know what to do with our

furniture it is scattered here & there? Shall I sell it or no?

I should think Br. Ingersolls folks must have been

nearly deranged by the manner in which they left things.

Br. Green has not been after Foote & I dont know

as he will go. Br. Spencer is to be here this week.

Perhaps I shall stay & get him to help.

If I leave the city my mind is to be dismissed

from the church. Should I get well I can come

& labor here as well as if I was pastor & while

I am pastor the church will never be satisfied

with any one else. I must throw them off from all

dependence on me. as I fear they are trusting

in an arm of flesh. Where is Charles' knife?

My ruler I found in the stand drawer.

Br. Greens number is altered to no.17 instead of 7.

I want to see you unspeakably. Give the babes many

sweet kisses for Pa. Tell them I try to pray for them.

Weather remarkably pleasant here. Our congregations

large as ever. Bible casses filling up again.

All send love. Your husband. C. G. Finney.

Love to that Dr. family & to all friends.